I noticed pretty early on as an atheist that religious people generally cannot fathom a worldview not based on authority. This is why they say shit like “atheists worship Richard Dawkins”

Usually they don’t say that outright, but instead they’ll quote-mine Richard Dawkins or Stephen Hawking or whomever and say “hey look! they said a thing that agrees with me! they’re the authority and they agree with me!”

They say this because they actually think it will make us change our minds.

It depends on the religion. Personally as a Quaker I think Quakers don’t struggle with this because the whole point was an is to remove the authority of individuals and put everything to unanimous committee decision


Fair enough. I should really stop using “religious people” in place of “specific sects of Christianity and Islam” (the people i spent all my time arguing with back then)

Don’t encourage them

Then there’s this shit

The worst person you know just made a great point
News Article A still frame from the show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" with the headline "Buzzfeed Workers: Where's Our Pay?"

Carlson assumes that leftists worship Buzzfeed (back when i was an anti-feminist, i also assumed this). He therefore thinks that if he can show that Buzzfeed is actually bad, leftists will be thrown into a frenzy trying to defend their god.

Here’s the worst part: Yeah, Carlson made a “good point,” and yeah, Carlson is one of the worst people i know, but by putting it in these terms, you implicitly accept that Buzzfeed is important.

You legitimize the idea that “leftists like Buzzfeed” by acting like it’s a revolutionary concept that “Buzzfeed is fucking over their workers”

it’s not a revolutionary concept

businesses are shit

No really, stop

If you say “wow Carlson made a good point” you’re implying that he is saying something new.

He’s not

Literally everyone in leftist twitter circles is saying that Buzzfeed is doing a bad

He sees this headline and thinks “Haha! I’ve shown the leftists who’s boss!”

He hasn’t

He thinks that we are blind to Buzzfeed being a company because “Buzzfeed is leftist feminazi propaganda”

It’s not

They really don’t understand

My sister has asked me multiple times “wait you’re a feminist now??? so you like Buzzfeed????” and I’m like “no, i literally could not care less about Buzzfeed. I used to think they made shitty content and i still think that, regardless of whether it’s feminist or not”

Buzzfeed 👏 is 👏 not 👏 my 👏 god 👏

how 👏 many 👏 times 👏 do 👏 i 👏 have 👏 to 👏 say 👏 that 👏 before 👏 it 👏 gets 👏 thru 👏 your 👏 skulls 👏

oh wait it never will

i specifically remember sitting in 4th grade and being told that “if you don’t worship god, you worship something else. a lot of unbelievers worship money”

“to worship something means to make it the most important thing in your life”

and before you ask, no, they weren’t redefining worship. the actual definition of worship and this definition were one and the same (somehow, don’t ask me)

they actually cannot imagine not appealing to an authority

which is really sad

I must worship something

For anybody who finds this and are like “well you must worship something”: no, no i don’t.

I don’t worship Dawkins, Hawking, money, Marx, Kropotkin, or even myself.

“Well what’s the most important thing in your life”

There really isn’t one single thing. i like to focus on things in moderation.

Imagine you have 10 “importance points”, and you give 5 to god, 2 to family, 2 to friends, and 1 to food and shelter.

I give 4 to family, 4 to friends, and 2 to food and shelter (as an example).

I don’t worship anything, I just spend more time on everything else since I’m not spending it on gods.

The Moral of the Story

For the leftists (and atheists for that matter): be very careful to not appeal to authority.

My personal strategy is to never actually sit down and read influential books, and instead learn the ideas outside of the context of “certain smart people with smart books.”

So basically never read theory lol

But i also understand that most people want to read theory to understand the ideas even better.

Which is fine, but keep the ideas and the people who said them distinct.